Caution: bragging zone incoming

Hi there, I'm Guim Perarnau!

I'm interested in applying deep learning to solve real world problems and create a super-human AI that will enslave us all.

I graduated from Autonomous University of Barcelona in September 2016 with an M.Sc. in Computer Vision and a B.Sc. in Computer Science, both with honors. I also was awarded the best final degree project and best master thesis. During that time, I interned at the Computer Vision Center for 10 months doing machine learning research projects.

My personal interests include playing the piano, reading, video games and game development.

You can find more information about me in my CV.

In June 2017 I joined a London based startup, Aframe, where I currently work as a deep learning and computer vision engineer.


I really enjoy any chance to learn from people: there's always something new to learn from anybody. Feel free to reach out!